T4 Syndrome

Patterns of paraesthesia with T4 Syndrome

Let’s take a look at T4 syndrome.

T4 syndrome, or more accurately “upper thoracic syndrome”, is a rare and perhaps under-recognized clinical entity.

The most common cause of T4 syndrome is overuse injury and it usually seen in patients who perform excessive amounts of bending, lifting and twisting movements seen in sports such as gymnastics and pole dancing. T4 syndrome however can also occur due to impact or pressure to the spine causing damage to happen suddenly. This condition is also common in patients who have a poor posture over a period of time for example sitting at your office chair without effective back support.

Wall Angel exercises to help treat T4 Syndrome

When a patient sustains T4 syndrome sprain they will begin to feel pain and often sensory symptoms such as pins and needles or numbness in their arm, often both of them. Patients are also likely to feel a pain in the back and often the neck which becomes more apparent over time as activity is resumed and the back is put under more strain. In the case of sudden impact, the pain may come on suddenly at the point of injury.

Patients are also likely to feel pain and stiffness in the area even after activity is halted which will become more apparent first thing in the morning. In more severe cases, individuals may also feel pain in the rib cage, chest, shoulder blade or even into the legs. This syndrome is 3 times more common in women than men; and is an excellent mimic of conditions such as thoracic outlet syndrome, and various neuropathies.

T4 Syndrome

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