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NB: If you have seen us before, however long ago, please register as an existing patient.
If you haven’t seen us before, please register as a new patient, AND select a New Patient appointment.
If you want a chiropractic appointment AND it’s been more than 2 years since your last visit, please book a New Case appointment.

Opening Hours

Please note, treatments are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Equally, we work long hours; if we have no appointments in the evening, we’ll go home early.

Schedule of Fees
(From 5th June 2023)

Tewkesbury Chiropractic Clinic

Any patient returning to the chiropractor after more than 2 years, or for a case unrelated to what we’ve seen you for before, will need a new diagnosis; and will need to come in for a “New Case” appointment.

We do accept card payments – the only major credit/debit card we do not accept is American Express, due to their additional charges.

Out of hours treatments can be arranged for emergency cases, charged at £150; and are available solely at our discretion.

Children (U18) receive a 1/3 discount. Under 16s must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Further Information

Refer A Friend

We also offer “refer a friend” vouchers for existing patients who wish to recommend us to someone. You can take one of these from reception, or ask in the clinic. These qualify any new patient to £5 off their first treatment, and yourself to £5 off your next treatment after they’ve registered with us.
T&Cs: Vouchers are not cumulative with sponsorship agreements. Vouchers are for treatment services only. Vouchers can only be used at Back In Action; 71 Church St; Tewkesbury; GL20 5RX.

You can purchase vouchers for any of our treatment options, or for a monetary value; these make perfect gifts for birthdays and Christmases; valentines’ or anniversaries.

Please note that times given here are all approximate, as every patient is an individual, and every condition is different, so every treatment is unique. We therefore make our charges per treatment visit, not per minute.

In extreme emergencies we may agree to do a home visit; in these cases the patient would be expected to provide transportation as we do not to run a car. Home visits are charged at double the out of hours fee.

To reach us out of hours, you can send a text-message to Aidan’s personal mobile; the number for which is left on the answerphone at work. Please note, I ask for text messages, so I am unlikely to answer the phone itself if I do not recognise the number.

Not-So-Hidden Charges*

Whilst many private medical insurance companies pay for some of our treatments, payment is ultimately the patient’s responsibility.

County Air Ambulance

A £20 charge* will be made for appointments cancelled with less than 2 working days’ notice. Before this time, you can cancel online, by phone or by email, after this deadline, by phone or email only.

We operate a voluntary fine* scheme for mobile phones that ring or receive a text message whilst in the treatment room (£1).

* Proceeds from all such fines/charges are shared with the Great Western Air Ambulance.
(No, I never was any good at hide-and-seek)

Sport Sponsorship

We offer a package of sponsorship to local sports clubs and teams, with the aim of helping them, and their competitors to perform to the best of their ability, and to help manage any injuries that may occur.

Our standard sponsorship package:

Massage to Prevent Sports Injuries

Our standard agreement offers sports massage and chiropractic* at half price for U18 playing members. This equates to £16 per treatment and is limited to 10 appointments per member, per year.

Adult (playing) members typically qualify for one third discount for any sports massage or chiropractic* treatment; again, limited to 10 appointments per member.

* Please remember that the 1st chiropractic consultation is to diagnose, and does not include the first treatment.

Current partners:
Tewkesbury Cricket Club  and Tewkesbury Rugby Club  have taken us up on this sponsorship.

We also sponsor a few elite level athletes similarly.

If your club would also like this support, then please contact us in the usual way. All we ask in return is a reciprocal website link, and maybe some space in leaflets/timetables and/or the occasional mention on facebook etc.

Sponsorship To help Prevent Sports Injury

Acute Injury Care:

Sports Injury Clinic

Please note that acute means very recent, it does not comment on severity. In this case, we’re talking about the first 3 days after injury, and tht isn’t severe enough to justify A&E (or if they release you with nothing too much to worry about). If your problem is not improving after 3-4 days, then it may be time to seek a diagnosis with more specific advice and care.

The best, and most important piece of general advice (after first aid) is to POLICE.

Protect – This may be a splint, or a brace; or it may be the application of common sense; basically, avoid aggravating factors, surprisingly enough, they can aggravate things.

Optimal Loading – Movement is essential to allow full perfusion of oxygen and nutrients (and white blood cells and serum), allow the body to actively heal itself, and minimise scar formation; this also means not to be afraid to use the injured area – let the pain guide you here; just don’t over-load things either. NB: We used to call this “Rest”, but too many people took us too literally, and assumed it meant bed rest.

Ice – Real ice is better than fake cold from gels and sprays; but often less convenient, use real if you can. Always wrap your ice pack in a thin layer of dry material, this prevents you getting an ice burn. For the first day or so use it in bursts of <5 minutes, repeating every 20-30 minutes. After that, use bursts of 10-15 minutes, repeating every 60-90 minutes.

Compression – Has a dual effect, it minimizes excessive oedema, by not allowing it room to expand, and provides an element of support to a joint, allowing the ligaments more rest; DO NOT OVERUSE THIS, don’t wear strapping for more than a few days without seeking further advice (unless it’s bandaging for an open wound, or a broken bone, obviously).

Elevation – Helps drain oedema, blood and lymph from the area, basically, try to keep the injured area higher than the heart so it can drain – obviously, easier with limbs than torso injuries; don’t use for more than a couple of days.

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