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Welcome to Back In Action. We are a multidisciplinary, holistic health care centre, started in 2006 by chiropractor Aidan Barry and massage therapist Alison Roux.
We currently offer the therapies of chiropractic, remedial massage, sports massage and aromatherapy. We would like, at some stage, to add other therapies such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, nutritional therapy, hypnotherapy, psychology etc.
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We aim to put you at the centre of your own health care, integrating best available evidence, care and advice focused on your personal health goals.We will listen without judgement, examine, educate, and treat with integrity, honesty and respect, coaching individual patients towards a healthy future. We work holistically, which means that we take into account the biological, psychological and sociological aspects of each individual patient.

Chiropractic is a profession that seeks to help people get well without intervention from either drugs or surgery. Literally meaning “by hand” …

Because modern society places a lot of pressure and strain upon the individual, we are constantly researching for ways of becoming …

Please note, treatments are
Equally, we work long hours; if we have no appointments in the evening, we’ll go home early …

Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy
Facet Syndrome
Lyme Disease

About Us:

Aidan Barry DC MSc
GCC registration #: 2053
BCA membership #: 1478
RCC membership #: 1473
Massage Therapist:
Alison Roux BA (Hons)
CIBT Advanced massage
AAPA dip Aromatherapy
IICT reg #: 602 157 344
Aidan was born and brought up on the Marlborough Downs, and completed his schooling in the Cotswolds. After taking a gap year, he enrolled on the 5 year, MSc course at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth. Upon graduation he moved to North Devon to complete a further year of training to earn the title “Doctor of Chiropractic”. He remained practicing in Devon before deciding to return to the Cotswolds area with his fiancée (Alison) in the Autumn of 2006; with the intention of settling down, developing their own practice and raising a family.Alison was born in the Upper Loire Valley region of France, where she spent the first 20 years of her life. After completing her degree in English Literature and Civilization at the University of Orléans in 1998, she uprooted to Manchester, finally enrolling at Salford University to earn her BA (Hons) in Tourism Management. After 2 years in the hospitality industry in Devon, she decided to change the track of her life and join the healing professions, studying both advanced massage and aromatherapy; she intends to add more strings to this bow as her career progresses.


Chiropractic and Massage in Tewkesbury

We started Back In Action with the aim to provide the people of the Tewkesbury area (North Gloucestershire, South Worcestershire) with an holistic approach to their health care. We do this with a genuinely integrated, multidisciplinary approach, using the treatment modalities of chiropractic manipulation, mobilisation, sports massage, remedial massage, dry needling (acupuncture with a western bent), electrotherapy, aromatherapy, activator technique and soft tissue work backed up with a strong emphasis on patient education, physical rehabilitation (home-exercises).

Chiropractor and Masseuse in Tewkesbury

With our concern for the environment, we use only recycled paper, and as little of it as we can. We source all our products from as ethical a provider as we can find, taking the recycled or organic options wherever possible.

We are always trying to build relationships with other medical professionals in the area (physiotherapists, doctors, dentists, psychological therapists and other complementary providers), in an attempt to further integrate each patient’s health care, to the benefit of their wellbeing.

With our shared interest in sports injuries, we are actively seeking to cultivate connections with various local sports clubs.


Aidan Barry, Tewkesbury's Chiropractor

Aidan’s interest away from chiropractic revolve around rugby; having been bitten by the bug in New Zealand aged 12. Being nerdy and small for his age he spent his childhood on the side-lines rather than pitch, but found a natural home at scrum half 3-4 years later. Now that his playing days are behind him, he still follows from the comfort of the sofa and stands, supporting his beloved Bath (and paying the price), even in Tewkesbury – where he has recently joined a walking rugby group.
His other interests are dominated by the books of Pratchett, Cornwell and GRRMartin; and being keen but incompetent at DIY and gardening.

Alison Roux, Tewkesbury's Clinical Massage Therapist

Alison’s interests away from work are mostly based around arts and craft, mostly self-taught. She is often to be found spinning fleece into yarn, or painting in her “craft room”. Consequently, there is an increasing collection of yarns filling the spare room to Aidan’s dismay, and cats’ delight. She also loves trying her hand at new things such as pyrography, needle felting or book binding and finds crafting in general very relaxing.
Her other interest relates to making natural herbal / aromatherapy products for her own use. She is quite passionate about what goes into her cosmetics and gets a real thrill when trying new recipes.


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