Opening Hours:

MONDAY       10.00 - 2.00 3.00 - 8.00
TUESDAY       10.00 - 2.00 3.00 - 8.00
WEDNESDAY       10.00 - 2.00 3.00 - 6.00
THURSDAY       10.00 - 2.00 3.00 - 8.00
FRIDAY       10.00 - 2.00 3.00 - 6.00
SATURDAY       10.00 - 1.00 CLOSED

Please note, treatments are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Equally, we work long hours; if we have no appointments in the evening, we'll go home early.
Once in a while we'll take a half day on a Wednesday.


Schedule of Fees:


Free Chat* £00.00 10-15 minutes
Initial Consultation £60.00 60-90 minutes
Treatment (Rx) £38.00 15-30 minutes
New Case £50.00 30-45 minutes



Remedial Massage:
(add £5 for Aromatherapy)
½ Body £30.00 30-40 minutes
Full Body £45.00 60-70 minutes
Indulgent £60.00 90-100 minutes


Sports Therapy


Sports Massage:
Sports Massage £38.00 30-45 minutes


*Free Chats - NB: these are an informal chat, 10-15 minutes to chat with us to see if we are right for you. These sessions do not include diagnosing your condition, nor offering any treatment, though we MAY offer some advice for self-care.

Any patient returning to the chiropractor after more than 2 years, or for a case unrelated to what we've seen you for before, will need a new diagnosis; and will need to come in for a "New Case" appointment.

We do accept card payments - the only major credit/debit card we do not accept is American Express, due to their additional charges.

Out of hours treatments can be arranged for emergency cases, charged at £120; and are available solely at our discretion.

Children (U18) receive a 1/3 discount. Under 16s must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

"In the end it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years"

(Abraham Lincoln)

Thank you Ali. The weekend before last, I achieved my goal of running the Great South Run. It wasn't without its challenges but none of them caused by my Achilles' tendons thanks to your amazing work a few weeks earlier. I was literally unable to walk when you first saw me and I was about to pull out. To make it round in one piece was amazing .

Rachel B

Back much better, great treatment. Thank you

Wendy M

Whether in an emergency or just needing to relax. “Back In Action” has the right treatment for you. Reasonably priced the pain is not felt in the wallet.

Paul W

Aidan sorted out my back problem – and Ali’s massage is great.

Jill D

I would thoroughly recommend Back In Action - a highly professional practice

Karen F

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