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Last updated 06/06/22

First and foremost; we are healthcare professionals, and our prime motivation is the health of our patients. As such, the best way that we can protect you from exposure whilst on our premises is not to become infected ourselves.


As of June 1st, the last restrictions and requirements have been lifted in England, and masks (or any other PPE) are no longer a requirement in close contact healthcare settings.

Consequently, we will no longer be wearing, or requiring personal protective equipment in our office.
However, we will be continuing to test ourselves with lateral flow tests, the increased cleaning regime, the increased aeration between every patient, and we will be continuing to have a break between patients to allow for the above, and to minimise the chance of patients meeting each other in the waiting room.

We will be more than happy to wear our PPE on request from any patient. Please ask us in advance, so that we can be ready when you arrive – the best time is likely to be as a reply to the appointment reminder emails we try to send out.

If you have a cough, a cold, even hayfever (if coughing/sneezing) etc, we ask that you let us know in advance, to take a lateral flow test, and if otherwise healthy, to wear a mask. We will then wear our PPE, and do even more cleaning before the next patient. If you have Covid, symptomatic or otherwise, we ask that you postpone your appointment.
Obviously, we will abide by this ourselves as well (as was always the case for flu etc).

Is it Covid?