We are kinda open.

Last updated 12/04/21

We are now emerging from lockdown, so we are now open again for #massage and #aromatherapy appointments as well as #chiropractic care.

Existing patients with existing problems must be triaged for infection risk, and vulnerability to Covid-19.
Chiropractic new patients, or those with new problems must be triaged AND have an initial video consultation so that we can take the details of the case that way, and minimise time face to face.

All patients are required to wear a face mask; whilst we are wearing full PPE.
Patients will be tested for temperature, and sense of smell on arrival.

Staff Health –     At this moment, neither Aidan, nor Alison are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID19 infection.
                                We are both testing our temperature and smell on a daily basis to catch anything early.
                                We will be wearing full Personal Protective Equipment as recommended by Public Health England.

Hygiene –            We are both washing our hands between every patient, and at least once an hour otherwise.
                                Hand sanitiser is available for everyone’s use, and patient use is a requirement of treatment.
                                All sections of the bench, and all seating are washed with soapy water between every patient.
                                All commonly handled items (door handles, keyboard etc) are disinfected between every patient.
                                All hard surfaces are sprayed with disinfectant at least twice a day.
                                All floors are mopped with soapy water at least twice a day.

Distancing –        Patient and practitioner chairs have been placed 2m apart from each other.
                               A 20 minute gap is booked between patients to avoid interaction, to allow airborn droplets to fall, to purify / replace the air, and to allow time for extra cleaning measures.

High Risk –          Extra precautions are taken for the “clinically vulnerable” groups.

COVID-19 –          This virus appears to be spreading easily, and is thought to spread mainly from person-to person through people who are in close contact with one another (within about 1.5m) or through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.
                               Whilst we screen for symptoms, it is currently thought that not everyone develops major symptoms, and even amongst those who do, the virus can be spread for up to 2.5 days beforehand.

Ultimately, at Back In Action, we are doing all that we reasonably can to minimise risk whilst remaining open. However, we cannot eliminate risk, especially as COVID-19 can be spread by those showing no symptoms.

Is it Covid?