World Spine Day

Today is World Spine Day 2020, supported by the WFC, and BCA (amongst others).

World Spine Day

Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, with a global prevalence of 18.1%; it is one of the most common reasons for missed work, and one of the most common reasons for visits to the GP surgery.

Most back pain is mechanical, and non-serious; and it can often be seen as being a disease of dysevolution – which is to say that we are subjecting our spines to environmental factors which we are simply not evolved to cope with.

We evolved as a species with a complete absence of chairs and desks; computer screens and electric lights; shoes and processed foods. We were constantly mobile, hunting, gathering, playing; and later weeding and cultivating. Our lives were ruled by the natural rhythms of the seasons, the sun and the moon; with a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, nuts and fresh meats – with a huge variety.
Essentially, the Homo genus of ape has existed for circa 125,000 generations; with 7,500 generations of Homo Sapiens. The advent of farming came about 500 generations ago, bringing with it a contraction of dietary variety, and the first possibility for sedentary individuals (chiefs). It has been 20 generations since Copernicus ushered in modern science, only 5 since the invention of the light bulb, and the advent of more highly processed foods. It has only been about 2 generations since the TV/tablet screens were commonplace in the bedroom, or the majority of the British workforce became sedentary. It has also been about 2 generations that we have been seeing “epidemics” of non-communicable diseases such back pain, obesity, autism, diabetes, allergies & intolerances etc.

Walking Rugby

If we move more (both habitually, and in terms of moderate level exercise), improve our sleep hygiene (take 30-40 minutes of decreasing light levels, especially screens), and improve our diet (more variety, less inflammatory / highly processed foods). This will make a huge difference – use our bodies the way they’re “designed” to be used. Straighten up, and move. Unfortunately these are lifestyle solutions to lifestyle problems; and human nature prefers quick fixes, making someone else responsible, and prioritising short-term comfort over long-term health / comfort.

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