The best posture is your next posture

Let’s take a look at posture. Particularly important now that we’ve swapped an office desk, and “proper” chair for the kitchen table and a comfy chair.

There is a lot of misinformation, and fear in relation to posture; but ultimately there is no such thing as a frankly “wrong posture”; or a “right posture” for that matter. What is most important is that you don’t maintain any one posture for too long. Having said that, there are variations of “relatively better posture” and “relatively worse posture” that people can use.

The better the posture the better the bones and joints are aligned, reducing fatigue, strain and overuse. More to the point though, the better the posture, the longer you can hold that one position before fatiguing, straining or overusing your muscles, ligaments and tendons. You can have textbook perfect posture… and still develop fatigue and pain after a couple of hours; or posture to make any therapist flinch… and be happy there… for a few minutes.


The best posture is your next posture; and keeping mobile is what your muscles and joints really want – it’s what they’re for after all!
As a rule of thumb, we recommend against holding any one posture for more than 10 minutes at a time. Where that’s not practical (long car journey, board meeting etc) then take a break every hour; and use that break to return mobility to your joints (as opposed to sitting in a different chair).

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Mobility is key

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