Chiropractic For Back PainHere at Back In Action we believe that everyone deserves to be healthy. Chiropractic is a profession that seeks to help people get well without intervention from either drugs or surgery. Literally meaning "by hand", this specialised profession blends craft and science to naturally assist your body's healing mechanisms to perform at their peak.

Although we have become a profession that specializes in the treatment of disorders such as lumbago, neck pain, and headaches etc; Chiropractic For Sciaticaat Back In Action we also like to look beyond your current set of symptoms.

The most important aspect to anyone's health and well-being is how well the body can adapt and maintain its balance in an ever-changing world.

The body's central nervous system, the information superhighway, co-ordinates the body's response to any input, Chiropractic For Neck Painfrom a change in heart rate with exercise, to a controlled release of hormones with mood.
The 26 moveable bones of the spine house and protect the central nervous system below the skull. The spine is a structural compromise between the need to protect these delicate and vital nerves, with the need to provide a rigid support for the body, whilst allowing natural motion. This means that the nerves are at their most vulnerable as they exit the spine.

"A man's health can be judged by what he takes two at a time - pills or stairs"

(Jean Walsh)

Can highly recommend BACK IN ACTION on Church Street to anyone suffering back problems. My husband could barely move and had a session with the chiropractor followed 48 hours later with a massage - good as new and the best he has ever had, also very good value for money.

Teresa B

I have found the treatment thorough and efficient and have always been sympathetically treated.

Isabel W

Anyone with a bad back - "TRY IT" - it works.

Paul C

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