Massage: What Can I Expect On Arrival?

Back In Action. Experts in clinical chiropractic & remedial massage; local to Tewkesbury

Muscles Of The BackFor your initial consultation, we ask that you arrive 10 minutes in advance to fill in a patient information form and a consent form. You will also be given a “refer a friend” voucher to fill in if you’ve been sent to us by an acquaintance (this is worth £5 to both of you).

After the paperwork has been completed, you will be invited through to the treatment room, where the massage therapist will talk to you about the reasons for your visit, expectation of therapy, what to expect in terms of treatment, and its effects etc.

As a massage therapist, Alison is not trained in diagnostics, any tentative opinion given would be that of an informed layman; though the chiropractor will often be available if further details are required. Occasionally however, we may need a note from your GP confirming that it is safe to receive treatment (see below).Massage Of The Back

For remedial or aromatherapeutic massage we offer 3 different time frames of treatment: 30, 60 or 90 minutes.
During a 30 minute (half-body) appointment we can cover approximately half of a body, so low-back, pelvis and legs; or neck, shoulders and mid-back.
During a 60 minute (full body) appointment we can cover all of the areas above.
During a 90 minute (indulgent) appointment we cover a little bit more, so can include the head, arms, hands and feet. However the bigger difference for the 90 minute appointment is that we can take our time a little more, be a bit more relaxing, more indulgent.


If you have one of the following conditions, we would need a note from your GP confirming that it is safe for you to receive treatment:
Extant:Massage Of The Head And Neck Medicated hypertension; HIV / AIDS; Severe osteoporosis.
Current: Cancer; Cardiac condition; incorrectly medicated type I diabetes.
Recent: Thrombosis / DVT; Phlebitis; Epilepsy.

We cannot treat patients with:
Current high fever; Contagious disease / skin condition; Recent operation in the area of treatment.

I can walk again!! (I only really come for the banter now - Glawwster!)

Teri T

Always feel better after a visit to Aidan

Sue B

Brilliant massage, very informative & knowledgeable. Solved hip/back issues with some pain but lots of gain! Very highly recommended!

Kathy V

My long term issues with back problems have improved significantly under Alison’s expert hands. I would recommend Back In Action wholeheartedly to anyone suffering from muscular pain.

Kate A

Excellent massage, really helped relax me. Very friendly couple.

Alison T

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