Chiropractors Treat In The BioPsychoSocial ModelTypical chiropractic treatment consists of far more than the spinal manipulative therapy* that most of us think of, and may not even involve any actual hands on work. We take an holistic approach to our patients, realising that whilst the spine may be a central source of our pains and problems, it is far from the only cause. We therefore assess the health status of the entire patient, not just the spine; and advise on how best to treat the whole patient. Whilst chiropractic intervention is usually in the form of a manual therapy, it is often very gentle in its approach, and certainly includes advice on self-care. NB: detailed, patient-centred advice absolutely is considered to be treatment, even though it can be provided without laying hands on the patient.Chiropractic Treatment Can Be Gentle

You will also find that much of chiropractic care is aimed at helping you to help yourself. The chiropractor can only do so much; we can treat what needs to be treated, but for your body to heal, it needs your help. Your chiropractor will give you a wide range of advice, including the use of other therapies, of exercises you can do, or lifestyle changes that may help your body (eg the ergonomics of your car seat; or nutritional advice), or eve different ways of thinking about your pain. We are happy to share the management of your condition, both with your GP and other therapists.

Chiropractors Use Mnay Techniques To TreatThrough all these things, we aim to aid you in reducing the chances of a recurrence of your problems, and to help you to manage any future episodes without the need for intervention. For patients on a maintenance programme, we aim to provide relief before you even notice any pain, whilst helping keep good habits and lifestyle choices at the front of your mind; helping you to fulfill your potential in life.

* Having said that, manipulation is still the most common single treatment givenChiropractic Is A Branch Of Evidence Based Medicine. The purpose of manipulation is to free up joints that aren’t moving to their full ability, usually as a result of damage to the ligaments of that joint. During manipulation the joint will be taken past its current limit, but within its normal. This is often associated with a clicking sound as gas dissolved in the fluid of the joint separates as the joint expands.

Great Help, great relief from Aidan. Brilliant massage from Alison. Thanks

Ruth C

Very friendly service. Brought my legs back to life many times after a long run.

Alastair McK

They identified one of the main causes of my back issues on my first treatment. Having suffered for 10 years with back issues. Fantastic service & always ‘flexible’ around timing.

Zoe B

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