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Chiropractic Can Help All AgesThe early, formative years are those of learning new skills. Along the way children may lose their balance; they trip, they slip, they tumble, and they fall. Chiropractic care can be useful more prolonged "little knocks".

As we progress through life, the things we do affect the person we become. All traumas, whether physical (e.g. sport), emotional (e.g. stress), or even chemical (e.g. alcohol) will have a detrimental effect on our muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, and ultimately, the nervous system. Chiropractic is invaluable at this time helping us to maintain an active lifestyle into our later years.

Chiropractic For HeadachesThroughout our lives we will all experience acute episodes of pain, even when we cannot identify the trauma. This is where shorter-term management of the dysfunction is at its most appropriate to help us make a full recovery, and to repair the damage, minimising any recurrence later in life.

The later stages of life can be a time of reflection, a time of action, or both. Those with aches and pains often use this time to seek the comfort of prescription medications, often waiting “on list” to replace parts that are wearing out. Chiropractic For Back AcheChiropractic care at this stage is subtle and gentle, but no less important than that given earlier in life.

It is a misfortune of evolution that the human body has had 1.5 - 2 million years to evolve an upright posture; compared with about 210 - 270 million years spent on 4 legs. With our mammalian cousins the spine's supportive role is to act as an archway, with the body suspended below it. In humans it now has to act like a pillar, with all the weight hanging off the front. The spine is doing a job it isn't fully evolved for, and generally copes remarkably well.

However, this does mean that we are prone to injure the joints of the spine, which can place pressure on the vital nerves in the immediate vicinity. A visit to the chiropractor helps remove this pressure, allowing the nerves to do their job, which includes assisting the healing process at the joint itself.

Evolution's Gone Wrong

Has helped me and my mum. A brilliant and professional service with excellent treatment and follow-up advice. Thank you!

Helen S

Thanks for sorting my SI joint out after my abject stupidity caused me to put it out again! Always much appreciated.

Hazel S

Both Aidan and Ali were fabulous helping me overcome a back injury a few years ago and have helped keep my back in shape ever since. As a teacher this is so important day!

Karen F

Excellent service, friendly and professional service.

Helen P

Excellent service, really understand problem and provided solution.

Janet S

Excellent service and very friendly. I would strongly recommend to anyone.

Jean F

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