Muscles Of The BackFor your initial assessment, we ask that you arrive 10 minutes in advance to fill in a patient information form and a consent form. You will also be given a “refer a friend” voucher to fill in if you’ve been sent to us by an acquaintance (this is worth £5 to both of you).

After the paperwork has been completed, you will be invited through to the treatment room, where Aidan will take your case history. Initially this will be your report of what is wrong; followed by his questioning you for further details. These will include an overview of your past medical history, and family history.

Next is the physical examination, where we prod and poke at you to see what causes the pain. For this you will be asked to undress as required; Chiropractic For Knee Painusually this is to the underwear (medical gowns are available for modesty), but this is not always the case. Aidan will then guide you through a series of movements and tests which may be a little tender.

After the chiropractor has written up the notes, he will then give you a report of the findings for your case, explaining what he has found, what it means, and what he suggests we do about it. Sometimes we may require further information at this stage; such as details from your GP, or an MRI scan, for example. This is the extent of the initial assessment and usually takes up to an hour*.

Chiropractic Treatment ExplainedThe vast majority of our patients, however, will proceed straight into the initial 20 minute treatment*; the details of which will have just been given to you. This will include a “dry run” of the treatment itself, to get you used to what to expect.

*Please note that all times-frames given are approximate, as every patient is an individual, and every condition is different, therefore every treatment is unique. We therefore make our charges per treatment visit, not per minute.

I would definitely recommend Back in Action. "Help!" I cried following a sleepless night of cricked neck pain. Following a diagnostic phone call with Aiden I was booked in for an appointment the same day and given home treatment advice which should help in the meantime, which it certainly did. Despite me being fuzzy from pain everything was patiently, clearly and professionally explained. I couldn't believe the benefit from just one treatment! Whilst uncomfortable at the time the subsequent relief was great which continued with a follow up session 4 days later, combined with continuing the home exercises. A massage with Alison will complete the treatment course. What a team. Thank you very much.

Julie G

A friendly professional service that achieves results.

Simon H

Professional, friendly, helpful and most of all gets you painfree!

Sue F

Attentive care and brilliant service, highly recommended.

Lorraine A

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