The British Chiropractic Association has released a series of videos aimed to help patients improve their posture during a variety of daily activities.

Of course, this advice is general, if you would like more specific advice tailored to yourself, you may want to consult with Aidan.

Avoiding Injury:

Computer Sense:

Sleeping Sense:


Lifting and Carrying:



I have found the whole experience with Back in Action beneficial. Over a period of 3 months my back difficulties have reduced greatly and I look forward to further reductions in the near future. The initial assessment was comprehensive and reassured me that Aidan fully understood and appreciated my difficulties and needs. Advice was given and as I followed it improvements were made and coupled with the excellent, specific manipulation the problem reduced to manageable levels. Even after the enforced gap in treatment (a holiday that entailed 4x6hr flights) by following Aidan's advice my back coped with the interval and upon return recovered quickly with 1 session of manipulation. Treatment continues but at greater intervals and progress is evident to me. I can thoroughly recommend Back in Action and Aidan.

Phil B

Called in for advice as I was having trouble with pain in my shoulders/lower back and booked an hour consultation with Aidan. His conclusion was that the condition could be resolved with massage rather than by the chiropractor and referred me to his partner Alison with whom I had three sessions. These went a long way to relieving the discomfort in my shoulders and back and I would have continued but regretfully we relocated to Cornwall. However, with the exercises they both recommended and I have continued with, the discomfort has almost gone. I would recommend this practice to anybody who has back problems. They are honest in the type and amount of treatment you will require and the cheapest by a country mile. 

Ken S

Alison and Aiden have been wonderful, offering advice and practical support, releasing tension and knots and making me whole again. Nine months ago I could barely walk as the pain was excruciating. Alison worked on my lower back and limbs and suggested a small change which made all the difference to my life. I am at last walking without pain! She now works on my upper back/neck/shoulders and arms and I feel so much better for it. I would certainly recommend a visit if you have any niggles or pain, or just for an overhaul now and again! I will definitely continue with regular sessions as I find it totally relaxing and very beneficial.

Marion A

Fantastic practice. Have always had good service and advice from both Aidan and Alison

Andy T

Thank you very much, very good treatment. Glad to have my back working again! Recommended to everyone.

Daniel C

Very well tailored treatments, good advice and reasonable rates. Great work!

Tom B

Very friendly service, comfortable atmosphere, treatment working well.

Hannah S

Thank you very much for a very professional and thorough treatment.

Tim W

Great treatment as ever, thanks Aidan! And a great back massage from Alison!

Jean D

Both Ali & Aidan have been a great help in keeping my ageing body on the road. Thank you both for fantastic treatment. Money well spent.

Steve B

Everything explained in an informative way. Great all round service + very friendly service. Highly recommended!

Alan M

The pain is worth the gain! Many thanks for sorting me out – apologies for the expletives!

Paul C

Alison – You are the best! Always able to put me right again. No one else will ever do!

Simone M

Professional, relaxed atmosphere. Am feeling benefit of treatment & shall come again when needed. Thank you

Alison L

As always a fantastic service, lovely + friendly staff, very approachable and very knowledgeable

Wayne H

I have been coming to Back In Action for nearly a year. Aidan and Alison are lovely, professional people and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Felicity M

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