General Advice: Can I Improve My Posture?

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The British Chiropractic Association has released a series of videos aimed to help patients improve their posture during a variety of daily activities.

Of course, this advice is general, if you would like more specific advice tailored to yourself, you may want to consult with Aidan.

Avoiding Injury:

Computer Sense:

Sleeping Sense:


Lifting and Carrying:



Alison – You are great. Always gets me mobile again! And I even walk taller now as you have straightened my back out!

Kate I

Fantastic job done on my back hence happy to return and pass their details on. Will keep on coming back now.

Robert B

Has helped me and my mum. A brilliant and professional service with excellent treatment and follow-up advice. Thank you!

Helen S

Thank you Ali. The weekend before last, I achieved my goal of running the Great South Run. It wasn't without its challenges but none of them caused by my Achilles' tendons thanks to your amazing work a few weeks earlier. I was literally unable to walk when you first saw me and I was about to pull out. To make it round in one piece was amazing .

Rachel B

Well I'm a bit achey this morning but nothing like I thought , thanks to a aromatherapy massage by a lovely lady at Back in Action.! I have tendonitis in my shoulder which will hopefully ease now combined with the exercises.

Nikki F

Dead dead impressed with Ali and Aidan. Have struggled for four months with Achilles problems and, after one session with Ali and a recommendation to have gait analysis and buy new trainers, I enjoyed my first pain free run in months last night. Back this week for treatment two and am now really hopeful about getting back to normal and pushing on with my training schedule. Thank you both, so chuffed.

Rachel B

I have received two treatments, the latter one when desperate. Alison managed to give me an appointment despite being very busy - I was so grateful! I would not go anywhere else now

Paul B

Alison and Aiden have been wonderful, offering advice and practical support, releasing tension and knots and making me whole again. Nine months ago I could barely walk as the pain was excruciating. Alison worked on my lower back and limbs and suggested a small change which made all the difference to my life. I am at last walking without pain! She now works on my upper back/neck/shoulders and arms and I feel so much better for it. I would certainly recommend a visit if you have any niggles or pain, or just for an overhaul now and again! I will definitely continue with regular sessions as I find it totally relaxing and very beneficial.

Marion A

Called in for advice as I was having trouble with pain in my shoulders/lower back and booked an hour consultation with Aidan. His conclusion was that the condition could be resolved with massage rather than by the chiropractor and referred me to his partner Alison with whom I had three sessions. These went a long way to relieving the discomfort in my shoulders and back and I would have continued but regretfully we relocated to Cornwall. However, with the exercises they both recommended and I have continued with, the discomfort has almost gone. I would recommend this practice to anybody who has back problems. They are honest in the type and amount of treatment you will require and the cheapest by a country mile. 

Ken S

I can highly recommend Back in Action, I had a fab sports massage to help take away my aches and pains! Brilliant

Kirsty McL

highly professional and sorts out all the aches and pains.

Sue A

I went to Back in Action after it was recommended to me on social media. I had awful lower back pain which is now completely gone. Aidan and Alison are professional, make you feel at ease and are also incredibly knowledgeable about what they do. They also always ensure that you are comfortable and happy with the treatment during appointments. Many thanks and I would highly recommend to others.

Emily J

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