What Exercises & / Stretches Would Help?

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Exercises To Strengthen Spinal StabilityA good series of generalised exercises, targeted at improving your stability, helping you resist injury in the first place, and to recover more quickly should an injury occur.

Once again, this is all general advice, if you suffer pain with these, or have any other doubts, seek professional advice first.

We’ve split these into 3 categories:
A general routine of very gentle exercises, which takes approximately 5 minutes and is a useful starting point.
A series of exercises to strengthen muscles that are commonly found to be weak.
A series of exercises to stretch muscles that are commonly found to be too tight.

The best site we have found, which includes both written instructions and (usually) demonstration videos for all the exercises I wanted to include is sportsinjuryclinic. Elsewhere in the site you will be able to find further information on a whole range of problems, and treatment options.


General Flexibility:


Exercises To Help Prevent InjuryStretches To Help Prevent Injury

Strengthen: Stretch:
Wobble Board Hamstring
VMO Lunges Iliopsoas
Core 1 Piriformis
Core 2 Paraspinals
Wall Angels Pectorals
Shoulder Abductions Sternocleidomastoid

Excellent service, really understand problem and provided solution.

Janet S

Working on a farm I need my back! Aidan has been very professional, and skillfull at getting me back to work. If you are new to Chiropractic treatment, he will explain exactly what you have done, and how he can help... and what to expect from the sessions. Over the years I have tried a few chiropractors, and would certainly recommend 'Back in Action'.

Richard G

Lovely friendly environment, great massage + chiropractic treatment. Good advice and even persuaded my husband to have a massage which he finds beneficial. Definitely recommend

Amanda J

I was given really helpful advice and pain is on the way out. Very friendly team.

Lore S

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