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Essential Oils Available at Back In ActionOur essential oil supplier is Kobashi, a well established company from Devon that prides itself on the quality of its products.

Kobashi takes great care when purchasing their oils - buying direct from growers and distillers whenever possible. Over 50% of Kobashi Oils are organic: either naturally farmed or wild.

All of the oils are from named botanical species, 100% natural, unadulterated, nothing added or taken away, of the highest quality and tested for their authenticity. Kobashi purchases and tests for chemo-type, always trying to supply oils which are organic. The company rejects any oil if pesticides or herbicides are found. The testing is operated at an independent advanced laboratory in Exeter. Kobashi has an extensive library on essential oil data to cross reference-research the oils. They are not tested on animals.

Please be aware that the therapeutic effects of essential oils are complex and potent, therefore they should be used responsibly. If in doubt ask for more information at reception. It is advisable to consult Alison prior to purchase.

Essential Oils Can Be Added To A Bath

Basil   £3.50   Geranium   £3.50   Niaouli   £2.50  
Bergamot £3.50 Ginger £4.00 Nutmeg £3.00
Black Pepper £4.50 Grapefruit £2.50 Orange £2.00
Cajeput £2.50 Ho £2.50 Palmarosa £2.50
Carrot Seed £5.50 Jasmine 5% £4.00 Patchouli £2.50
Cedarwood £2.50 Juniperberry £5.50 Peppermimt £2.50
  Chamomile Roman £8.00 Lavandin £2.50 Petitgrain £2.50
Cinnamon Leaf £2.50 Lavender £3.00 Pine £2.50
Citronella £2.00   Lavender High Alt. £3.50 Ravintsara £3.50
Clarysage £4.50 Lemon £2.50 Rose Abs 3% £4.00
Clove Bud £2.00 Lemongrass £2.50 Rosemary £2.50
Coriander Seed £3.00 Lime £2.50   Rose Otto 2% £4.00
Cypress £3.00 Mandarin £3.50 Sandalwood £10.00
Dill £3.00 Marjoram £5.00 Spearmint £2.50
Elemi Wild £3.50 Melissa 2% £4.00 Tea Tree £2.50
Eucalyptus £2.00 Myrhh £7.00 Valerian £9.00
Fennel Sweet £2.00 Myrtle £4.00 Vetivert £3.00
Frankincense £6.50 Neroli 2% £4.00 Ylang Ylang £5.00
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