Sports Injury Clinic, PhysiotherapyWe offer a package of sponsorship to local sports clubs and teams, with the aim of helping them, and their competitors to perform to the best of their ability, and to help manage any injuries that may occur.


Our standard sponsorship package:

Our standard agreement offers sports mMassage to Prevent Sports Injuriesassage and chiropractic* at half price for U18 playing members. This equates to £10 per treatment and is limited to 10 appointments per member, per year.

Adult (playing) members typically qualify for one third discount for any sports massage or chiropractic* treatment; again, limited to 10 appointments per member.

* Please remember that the 1st chiropractic consultation is to diagnose, and does not include the first treatment.

Current partners:    Tewkesbury Cricket Club Logo     Tewkesbury Rugby Club LogoChiropractic to Prevent Sports Injuries

Tewkesbury Cricket Club and Tewkesbury Rugby Club have taken us up on this sponsorship.

We also sponsor a few elite level athletes similarly.

If your club would also like this support, then please contact us in the usual way. All we ask in return is a reciprocal website link, and maybe some space in leaflets/timetables and/or the occasional mention on facebook etc.

Sponsorship to help Prevent sports injury

After visiting the doctors numerous times and trying lots of different treatments I was recommended Back In Action. Amazing consultation and helped me straight away after one treatment. Have already returned and will definitely be returning for further treatments! Thank you!

Alisha J

Great help with relieving pain and advice. Thank you

Paul S

Professional service. I was back in action with only one visit. Thank you.

Peter F

Alison – You are great. Always gets me mobile again! And I even walk taller now as you have straightened my back out!

Kate I

Fantastic job done on my back hence happy to return and pass their details on. Will keep on coming back now.

Robert B

Very thorough treatment which has helped me greatly. Very friendly staff.

Steve B

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