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  • Autumn’s Here

    And I’m falling apart


    Autumn’s arrived, and the leaves are starting to turn; whilst the swallows flee for warmer climes (probably collecting coconuts). The nature reserve will soon be reserved for nature, as the flood plains become true to their name.

    Winter coats are emerging from wardrobes, as the umbrellas become next to useless; their places in the attic taken by shorts and summer dresses, as we cover up and hunker down… and resist the lure of the thermostat.


    We hunch our shoulders; and wrestle the garden furniture back into the garage, whilst the foolhardy contemplate pruning; whether of hedges or for Movember fast approaching.


    In these times of shorter days, heartier meals and shoulders stooped against the rain; our moods depress and activity levels plummet; but we still need to look after our bodies. That draft on your neck can cause it to crick, whilst playing garage-tetris can spasm the back, or SAD becomes a tension headache.


    Left unchecked, these nagging, dragging pains can be with you for the season. Anything like this that lasts much more than a week, or keeps you from work can usually benefit from an expert eye. A diagnosis and advice may be all that’s required – usually with the application of common sense, (the least common of the senses). For other issues a course of treatment and some active homework should get you back in action; and the sooner started, the soonest mended.


    If you are suffering pain, from a mechanical cause, then call Tewkesbury’s Back In Action, on 01684 291 261, and see if we can help. If you’re unsure about your particular condition, then ask for a free chat, with no obligation, for some general advice.


    For members of Tewkesbury RFC & Tewkesbury Cricket Club, this may also be a timely reminder that adult players receive a 1/3 discount, whilst juniors (U18) can be treated at 1/2 price.


    Tewkesbury Abbey



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