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  • Spring has Sprung (and so has my back) 13 April 2019 | View comments

  • Spring has sprung, the daffodils are finally out in the verges at Mitton; lawn mowers fill the air around Ashchurch. The sound of leather on willow emerges from the Vineyards; whilst the rugby club emit their final “3 cheers” of the season. Meanwhile the inhabitants of Walton Cardiff are taunted by the smell of charcoal and the promises that holds.


    Gardeners are out in force, and their backs are complaining about the unaccustomed activity; the fast bowler’s knees and shoulders are aching with their newfound workload, and the front row’s battered necks and spines are complaining after a long season of abuse.


    It’s times like this, that you can really appreciate the friendly service at a clinic such as Tewkesbury’s Back In Action (on Church Street), where the chiropractor can manoeuvre the bones and joints back into smooth motion, and the massage therapist can coax and cajole the muscles into releasing some tension and working properly again.


    But tread carefully, those who dare to enter there; for the unwary may be assigned a course of exercises, or given home-work to assess your strains of daily life; or, horror of horrors; be advised to drink more water, and less caffeine. For at Back In Action, our main aim is to keep you out of our offices as much as possible; to strengthen your back so that we don’t have to patch it up again later, to improve your function in daily life (and sporting performance) so that you don’t suffer an injury in the first place.


    If you are suffering pain from a mechanical cause, then give us a buzz on 01684 291 261 and see if we can help. If you’re unsure about your particular condition, then ask for a free chat, with no obligation, for some general advice.

    Spring in Tewkesbury

    Spring in Tewkesbury

    Spring in Tewkesbury

    For members of @Tewkesbury RFC & @Tewkesbury Cricket Club, this may also be a timely reminder that adult players receive a 1/3 discount, whilst juniors (U18) can be treated at 1/2 price.

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