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Back In Action. Experts in clinical chiropractic & remedial massage; local to Tewkesbury

Back In Action, Chiropractic & Massage for Tewkesbury


Welcome to Back In Action. We are a multidisciplinary, holistic health care centre, started in 2006 by chiropractor Aidan Barry and massage therapist Alison Roux.


We currently offer the therapies of chiropractic, remedial massage, sports massage,
aromatherapy and nutritional therapy. We would like, at some stage, to add
other therapies such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, hypnotherapy etc.


Back In Action, Chiropractic and Massage for Tewkesbury Aidan & Alison, Chiropractor & Massage Therapist for Tewkesbury 71 Church St
GL20 5RX
01684 291 261


At Back In Action, we aim to bring you the most effective, efficient health
care tailored to each patient's individual health goals.

We will listen without judgement, examine, educate, and treat with integrity,
honesty and respect, coaching individuals towards a healthy future.

We will provide the best care and advice that we have at our disposal,
both to our patients, and in caring for the environment.



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Excellent treatment received. Could not wish for a better service.

Margaret N

Would recommend this for both chiropractor and massage. Really professional, pleasant environment and nice people. Felt I was being given helpful advice, very good value for money and pain relief! Excellent massage so will be using frequently. Thankyou.

Andrew F

Very professional, everything exceptionally well explained. Aches & pains sent away. Thank you.

Jo D

Thank you very much, very good treatment. Glad to have my back working again! Recommended to everyone.

Daniel C

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